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Uta No Prince Sama Happy Love Song 1 12




One of the episodes, in which Kotone Aoki appears in, has been licensed in Japan as. In 2016, the same company released an English dub. The series' first episode was originally published by Shueisha on December 25, 2008, the tenth anniversary of the publication of the Uta no Prince-sama manga. An original animation was released on the Uta no Prince-sama website.  When the series started, it was published online by Futaba No Prince for free, before moving to Futaba No Prince-sama to become its main publication. Uta no Prince-sama began as a webcomic, and the anime adaptation is made from the same series. Series overview The series revolves around the main character (referred to in Japanese as a prince), Kotone Aoki, who enters a high school for princes in Tokyo, but was an ordinary person before coming here. The first chapter was created by Ōkoku director Kōji Hirakawa, who wanted to create a new school manga for adolescents, and also wanted to create something that was different from conventional shōjo manga. He had previous experience with romantic comedy as he had previously worked on Puchimas! (which later became all-male romantic comedy manga Otokojuku Hero), which was adapted as the third part of the Otokojuku Hero season on Puchimas!, a Japanese television series. One of the stories in the series is set in the future and takes place two years after the events of the anime. The main character of that story (who is introduced in the manga) is the protagonist of the story that takes place in the past. Plot Kotone Aoki was an ordinary teenager before coming to Tokyo to attend a school for princes. He had no romantic relationships or girlfriends before coming to the school. In Tokyo, he encounters girls who live in the rich world of High School for Pro-Pop Singer or PS. He attends the school because of his singing talent, and begins to work on his image as a prince in order to be chosen as a member of the High School for Pro-Pop Singer. He also sees them as a way to get close to the princesses. The series follows the weekly adventures of Kotone, who wants to get close to the princesses, and how this affects his relationships with his friends, and the princely status quo at the school. Characters





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